1. very antiemetic and very insensitive to a human being.
    I hope they can sue the paper for slander and emotional trauma it caused and will continue to cause

  2. This is shocking news.

    get ready for tzaros in klal yisroel to go from tragic to horrific as we watch tragedies happening-daily R”L-& WE still don’t wake up & start doing teshuva.

    On the other hand it is partially our fault also, as we go day by day, we are constantly getting reminder wake-up calls from Hashem to start doing teshuva & return to Hashem with achdus. The only problem is that we have a major problem facing the world today-yidden or not-called FACING REALITY, i.e. whenever tragedy strikes we let it pass us & think we could fool Hashem that we don’t get his wake-up call for teshuva. Thus we leave Hashem no choice but to keep striking us with tzaros R”L.

    i.e. if we all make a promise to do teshuva ASAP together as a nation this horrific time of constant tzaros can come to a end.

    How long can Hashem watch us & not do something to wake us up? i.e. how long can YOU watch your child not listen to his parents before he’s gone too far & needs to be punished? its a potch of love to help the child improve… & thats the bottom line.

    Klal yisroel blew it long ago, when we see tzaros happening but we don’t get together as a nation to do teshuva & beg Hashem forgiveness?

    May we all wakeup ASAP & do teshuva THANK YOU Matzav for always keeping me posted with the latest updates in news.

    I’m waiting to hear good news soon

  3. Boycott the NY Post advertisers. That is the best way to send the message.

    Boycott stores which carry it.

    Start a Facebook page to promote the boycott.

  4. to # 8 & everyone else.

    Due to the tragedies that are occuring/have occured to klal yisroel, it wouldn’t take a genius to realize that all these tragic events (from 9/11 to leiby kletzky to the economy & 7 tzaddikim niftar in 5 weeks etc… i can go on Gush Katif…) don’t happen by coincidence & that each tragedy has a message straight from Hashem (ex. 9/11 did not become a sad day 12 years ago. it has been our sad day for over 2000 years already. 9/11 is Tisha B’av 9 is tisha, 11 is the month of av elul is 12 & tishrei is 1 how does that shock you? a shocking message straight from Hashem i.e. can’t be found in a sefer or newspaper nor is it from me or a Rav)

    Why have we still not started doing teshuva towards mashiach? how much does it take for a person to wake up & see that everything happening comes straight from Hashem? how much longer will it take until Klal yisroel starts doing teshuva & calling out to hashem for mashiach?

    The pre-geula teshuva movement is not the yom kippur teshuva. It’s the teshuva from the heart, where no one will be afraid/embarassed to confront his friend & ask his forgiveness from something that happened even 5 years ago. This is what Hashem is waiting for.
    Perhaps maybe some of us here can help with some truthful answers

  5. Hey Yehuda, instead of being on the internet YOu should be doing Teshuva and learning Torah non stop. Enough with your rants already

  6. the coverage of the post is disgusting despicable and senseless! They just want to sell papers as do all newspapers however most newspapers want to put forth a good image an image of truth the post and many others like it dont care… What sells more after all?
    The post on this case did not mean to be anti-semitic they meant it to have a double meaning so you buy the paper but read the article and its not slanted at all toward jews rather that he had many debts to various different types of people some rather dangerous…
    please research the topic before placing an opinion.



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