95 Million Lost “Jews”


A report issued by the Israeli Diaspora Affairs Ministry claims that in addition to the 14 million known Jews worldwide, another 95 million people are likely descended from Jews who willingly or forcibly converted over the past few centuries. These include descendants of Marranos in Spain and its former South and Central American colonies.

The committee which formulated this theory suggested that the government establish a body to research the issue and reach out to such people.

{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. I have no idea where they got the number from, but it makes sense that millions of our brethren have been “lost” over the centuries of forced shmad, adoptions, slavery and kidnappings.

  2. suggested that the government establish a body to research the issue and reach out to such people.

    What is the halacha? Did the poskim rule that we should, or specifically should NOT reach out?

    • Should NOT! A Jew is a person who converted according to the STRICTEST halachic standards or who has a Jewish mother that is known and verifiable for generations. Can you prove your mother is Jewish??? If not, get out of here (this same ruling goes for the “bal teshuva” movement of which many come from questionable backgrounds claiming to have Jewish parents and went to Hebrew day school but for all we know are goyim gamurim.

      Be weary about any of these so called “Jews” getting close to us…

    • Thee Lubaviter Rebee ZYA” said “that not one Jew will be left behind!!!!
      One of Eluahu HaNavi’s job will to be to tell who thinks he is a Jew that he isn’t
      and – tell those who think they are Goyim – that they in fact are Jews

  3. Intermarriage in the US is sky high among non-orthodox circles. Unless you’re orthodox your kids have a 50 something percent chance of assimilating and marrying a goy. Also before the holocaust millions of jew migrated to America and the majority of them assimilated among the goyim.
    Jews are an ancient age-old people and our numbers are supposed to be so much higher. No doubt many of our jewish brothers and sisters are lost.

  4. Many Jews were and still are lost to non-Jewish cults such as Reform and Conservative which claim to be a part of Judaism but is not in any way related to Judaism.


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