92% Want Obama Reelected – in France


obama-sad-angryAn overwhelming majority, 92 percent, of people in France want to see Barack Obama reelected president of the United States, according to a survey by the Pew Research Center.

The 21-nation survey, conducted by Pew’s Global Attitudes Project from Mar. 17 to Apr. 20, found that “despite disappointment with Obama’s policies, there is still considerable support for his reelection in many countries, especially in Europe.”

In the telephone and face-to-face survey, respondents were asked, “Would you like U.S. President Barack Obama reelected or not?”  Among the results were the following:

YES to Reelection

Britain                         73%

France                         92%

Germany                     89%

Spain                           71%

Italy                             69%

Czech Republic           67%

NO to Reelection

Britain                         11%

France                         7%

Germany                     8%

Spain                           15%

Italy                             11%

Czech Republic           11%

Only 40 percent of the people surveyed in Poland said they would like to see Obama reelected president; 26 percent of Poles said no to Obama’s reelection.

{CNS News/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Let him move to France and they can elect him their president after he produces a birth certificate showing he was born there.

  2. Sounds like when romney is elected- he should send obama to work at the UN. Obama will be well received by all those who will have no idea what he says when he speaks.


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