9/11 Survivor Receives a Bris Milah at Age 50


alexander-yabisebitzIt is almost eleven years since the infamous day of September 11, 2001, a date that will forever remain etched in the mind of Alexander Yabisebitz, who worked at the time as a programmer in one of the World Trade Center towers. His life was spared because he was running five minutes late for work on that tragic day. One of the planes piloted by ruthless terrorists crashed into the tower before Alexander got there.

This past month, Alexander, who was born in Gomel, Belarus, had the courage to finally receive a bris milah, entering the covenant of Avrohom Avinu at the age of 50. Alexander had been shmoozing with some friends and one of them, who had received a bris about four years ago, encouraged Alexander to receive a bris as well. Amazingly, Alexander immediately embraced the idea.

The Bris Yosef Yitzchok organization, which assists Yidden who are seeking to receive a bris milah, arranged for a mohel to perform the bris milah and procured an operating room where the procedure would be take place.

Alexander remarked afterwards that receiving a bris milah was his expression of hakoras hatov to the Ribono Shel Olam for saving him eleven years ago on 9/11.

We wish Alexander a heartfelt mazel tov and bentch him with the traditional bracha that he – and in this case his family as well – be zoche to Torah, chupah and maasim tovim.

{Casriel Bauman-Matzav.com Newscenter}



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