9 to 5 Working Day No Longer The Norm


Traditional workplace hours of 9am to 5pm are now only the norm for a minority of workers, research suggests.

Just 6% of people in the UK now work such hours, a YouGov survey that questioned 4000 people, found.

Almost half of people worked flexibly with arrangements such as job sharing or compressed hours, allowing them to juggle other commitments, it found.

The study found most full-time workers would like to start work at 8am and finish by 4pm, hours chosen by 37% of those surveyed. The second most popular choice was 7am to 3pm, chosen by 21% of those surveyed.

Read more at BBC.



  1. Not if you work for a local heimishe retail company/store. Then you HAVE to work from 8:30am till 8:00pm Sunday thru Thursday including the summer. Friday till 3:00. Must work every legal holiday, erev Yom Tov, Chal Hamoed, Purim, tisha Bi’av & even Motzai Shabbos during the busy season. No time and a half. No overtime. No sick days. No vacation. No leaving early for weddings, Bar Mitzvah’s, son’s graduation. Nothing. You are not allowed to have a life. You are a worthless shmata. You come, you get paid. You don’t come you don’t get paid. If you don’t come, though, we’ll get someone to replace you for even less money.

  2. If you were working legally and everything was reported properly they wouldn’t be able to get away without paying you overtime and sick days etc. Obviously you’re working off the books so you can keep getting your HUD WIC SNAP etc. etc. so take what you can get and shut up.


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