8th Grader Delivers Daf Yomi Shiur in Silver Spring


edinger-daf-yomiParticipants in the Daf Yomi program around the globe celebrated the completion of Maseches Sanhedrin on Shabbos Parshas Shelach and began learning Maseches Makkos last Sunday. The Daf Yomi shiur at the Yeshiva of Greater Washington was treated to a special guest maggid shiur on the first morning. Yaakov Edinger, an 8th grader at the Yeshiva of Greater Washington, gave the opening shiur of Maseches Makkos.

The Yeshiva of Greater Washington hosts a daily Daf Yomi shiur given by Rabbi Amram Hes, who also serves as the 8th grade rebbi at the yeshiva. Rabbi Hes has been learning Maseches Makkos with his students this year. He had the novel idea of having one of his talmidim give the opening shiur of the mesechta. In front of a dozen participants, Yaakov was scholarly and erudite in his delivery and made his rebbi, the yeshiva and his parents very proud.  

The local Daf Yomi shiur, which was started by Mr. Judd Lifschitz, has been zocheh to finish over two cycles of Daf Yomi. It has become a hallmark of the Silver Spring community.

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Wonderful

    Kinas sofrim tarbeh chochma …as my son is teaching me the daf as he was mesayem the entire mesechta in his 7th grade class in a yeshiva in boro park before the daf yomi started mesesches makos! They are also reveiwing the mesechta in accordance to the daf yomi!!

  2. I am much older than this 8th grader but I gave the Hadran at our Siyyum last shabbat. I get the greatest thrill when I complete yet another Massechta and consider it one of my greatest achievements in life.

  3. Not pointed out in the article is the fact that the shiur given was at 6:30 am. Not many teenagers who would volunteer for that.

  4. “Yaakov was scholarly and erudite in his delivery and made his rebbi, the yeshiva and his parents very proud.”

    He also made his grandparents very proud!

  5. It’s beautiful- that an 8th grade boy gave a daf yomi shiur, that people (presumably) gave him the respect and attention needed to deliver such a shiur, and did not interrupt, but most of all, that Baruch Hashem, not a single person has made a disparaging comment about it yet!!! Mashiach must be close

  6. Wow! What a tremendous achievement and a huge source of Nachas to us, your distant cousins in Brooklyn New York. More importantly,a huge Nachas to your grandfather,Yaakov,z”l who we remember so well and miss so much. Yasher Koach!


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