8 People Killed, 25 Wounded In Bloody Weekend In Chicago


Memorial Day weekend proved even bloodier than last year in Chicago.

At least eight people were killed and 25 others wounded in shootings across the city since midnight Friday, police told WLS.

Last year, over the entire weekend of the unofficial start of summer, seven people were killed and 45 others were hurt. Read more at Fox News.



  1. Finally reporting news that MSM is trying to cover up for months!
    I wonder how long it will take to report about the protests in the UK over the political 13 months jail sentence of journalist Tommy Robinson who reported about Muslim atrocities which MSM is covering up.

    And I wonder how long it will take to report about the corrupt FBI’s Spygate on President Trump which MSM is covering up.

    • Spygate which was orchestrated by Obama via the FBI is the biggest scandal in the US history.

    • Naive Snopes freaks will soon be here declaring that Snopes refuted the Muslim atrocities in the UK and Sweden as nothing but huge conspiracy theories, and the FBI’s Spygate a Russian collusion.

    • I doubt mainstream media will be able to cover-up the protests over Robinson’s arrest much longer if there are demonstrations in many countries worldwide over this injustice; Germany, Australia, etc., and Dutch MP Geert Wilders is at the British Embassy in The Hague on behalf of Robinson.

  2. But yet the dumb blacks in Chicago still keep voting in the WHITE Rahm Emanuel for Mayor!!! As long as Rahm has a D before his name at the ballot box that’s good enough.

  3. this is gunfree chicago we are talking about the city with the most restrictive gun laws where only the criminals have guns the count so far this years is 1025 shot of which 168 were killed

    • 165 of the 168 were by the rabid police. Stop the criminal police and peace will be restored. Ames yevatziv

      • Offer free one way Equatorial Africa tickets to the savages, that would permit firing of three quarters of the little men with power complex, who’ll find gainful employment flipping burgers at Macdonalds. Then the peace will be restored.

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