8 Month Old Gaza Baby Killed. World Blames Israel


The world has gone mad in blaming Israel for the now 60 dead Arabs killed yesterday at the Gaza border, including the report of an 8 month old baby. What parent brings an 8 month old baby, or any child, to a violent riot aimed at illegally infiltrating a border to entice Israel to kill them, all to create anti-Israel headlines?



  1. Another good question – Why are none of the news reporters operating from Gaza? Every single one is reporting from Israel or the US?

  2. A few options: 1-The baby was retarded or handicapped, so this was an “honorable” way to get rid of her 2-The father wanted to punish his wife (maybe because she gave him a girl instead of a boy?) so he had her brought to the gas 3-The baby died somewhere else, maybe even on a different day 4-The baby never died, and they showed a doll or drugged up kid. Multiple choices, folks, take your pick!


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