750 People Take Part in Interstate 80 Barbecue and Minchah Yesterday









{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. This story needs more Be’ur. Vaz eppes now? 750 people? That sounds like a bit inflated number. What was the point of this? Who sponsered this? How did all “750” people puenk arrive before Shkia? Very modneh zach.

  2. This was an arranged BBQ sponsored by anonymous for the oilam who we’re going away for pesach! We all must thank habochur hachashuv ely Schwartz from Cleveland who took care of all the technical arrangements .we are all so grateful to you. The world needs more Ely’s!!

  3. It was 750 people from 1 o’clock till around 6:30 I was there at 5 and there were over 100 people so I make sense that there were 750 it was such a nice idea. It made the trip to Cleveland with the kids much easier. Thank you all.

  4. Now that I see that Ely was there there was truly nothing for me to be concerned with. Because with Ely around there really i snothing to worry about. HERRING TRUCK all the way!!!!!!!!

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