Yemenite Immigrants to Israel Living in Shocking Conditions



The Jews of Yemen have a long and rich history of adhering strictly to Torah and mitzvot, despite being surrounded on all sides by violence and hatred of Jews. This finally came to a boiling point last year, when the Israeli government rescued 27 families who urgently needed to flee. This should have been a happy ending. But for the mothers and fathers who risked their lives to impart Torah & mitzvot to their children, it was the beginning of a new nightmare. 

The Israeli government placed the 27 families, including 107 children, in an absorption center in the southern city of Be’er Sheva. The absorption centers are extremely modest living conditions, with families confined to a single room. The deeply religious Yemenite families are now living together with Christian immigrants.

With no access to Torah education and surrounded by chillul Shabbat, the spirituality of the families has rapidly disintegrated. Those children who have had the rare opportunity to attend Charedi schools in Bnei Brak have reportedly refused to return home, in tears at the thought of re-entering a fully secular environment. Parents who risked their lives to raise their children with Torah & mitzvos are helplessly watching their children turn away from mitzvot. 

An emergency meeting was called in the home of Rav Chaim Kanievsky, together with Rav Dov Landau shlit”a, Rav Shimon Baadani shlit”a, and HaRav Plitz. Their mission was clear & urgent: Issue a fundraising appeal to save 107 children from spiritual destruction.

The situation inevitably brings to mind the tragedy which took place 70 years ago, when Yemenite immigrants were purposely housed in environments which would rob them of their connection to mitzvot. The stakes are high: future of 107 children hinges on the success of Rav Kanievsky’s campaign. 




  1. why don’t you join with rabbi grossman or rav arusi or shuvu and figure out a way to partner with what they have in place already. yes you will still need money but you will not have to start from scratch.
    hatzlacha rabba

  2. This has nothing to do with the government. Missionaries approach people with monetary offers in various places. BTW, an independent investigator recently stated that the Yemenite children parsha never happened.

    • …an independent investigator ,,,,,,,,,,,never happened….????????

      Can you give us a link to this alleged investigator story?

    • I have a friend of Iraqi background. He told me that his aunt, who was 12 at that time, was taken from her family and given to Ashkenazim. TWICE. They tried to indoctrinate her that her Sephardic background is backwards. She did not accept and ran back home.

      • and yyet you ignore the fact that satmer brought over how many Yemenites to the USA and turned them satmer against their traditions! your a hypocrite!

      • its called telephone thats why their are things called commissions to investigate and they have because a 12 year old retelling a story to a nephew many years later starts a game called telephone!

  3. The “Yemenite children Parsha” DID HAPPEN!!!! I personally know children/grandchildren of Yeminites that were taken by the Tzionim.

    There is and was a calculated effort by the government to shmad R”L , these kids

  4. @Avi – I most humbly suggest you check your sources. Recent (re)investigations of records, testimony, etc. has all but proven what had been suspected all along to the extent that remains of some of these tragic and “mysterious” deaths have been ordered removed for testing.

  5. 100,000 NIS is nothing. They aren’t asking for a lot.
    I can’t believe there are frum communities where you can buy a house for that price. Wow.

  6. “BTW, an independent investigator recently stated that the Yemenite children parsha never happened.”
    that statement makes all other fake news a childs play !!! i would never have dreamed that such a scandalous lie would be posted on a frum website!!!!

  7. And Obama was not the first black president and, and, and.
    There are always attempts to rewrite history.
    The Taimaner Yidden were taken back then. Perhaps some of the stories were fabricated like the above posters have stated but the facts were known then to all who were alive. Millennials are into rewriting facts.

  8. Perhaps a campaign can be started to buy me an apartment when I make aliyah. I tremble at the thought of being placed next to Christian and secular families. OTOH, I have been living among Christian, Muslim, and secular families here in the US for aprox 60 years, and my children have no problem returning to my home after spending a few years in the Mir or BJJ.
    BTW, how many Christian families make aliya and are in this apsorbtion center? My son, who lives in Israel tells me secular olim head straight to Tel Aviv and Haifa, are usually well off (since it is not ossur for them to work), and spend very little time in any absorbtion centers.

    • nebach – leitsanut!!!! these children are in a totally -strange to them- culture unlike your grioseh bjj ‘er
      open your mind a little to understand others that r very very different than you, & their ruchnius….
      to repeat again nehbach silly leitsanus!

  9. Wake up and smell the roses. The people involved in the Temani scandal in the 1950’s have already been judged by the True Judge. I dont think Netanyahu has the time the will or the poer to shmad every new olah. Al pi your logic, we should be boyucotting all Spanis goods based on the inquisition of 500 years ago, all English goods based on the massacre in York England 600 years ago, and perhaps all countries of the world, based on the kinnus we are about to say next week.
    The sinas Chinom exhibited by some of the commentators here plays a great role in keeping us ion Golus. Some people fing ‘EVIL ZIONISTS’ hiding under every bed. The secularists I meet on my biannual visit to Eretz Yisroel show no bias toward me in my chassidishe garb, and not once has anyone tried to dissuade me of my religous beliefs

    • the Zionists force our boys away from the Torah into their atheist army where women dressed in pritzus are “commanding” them R’L and where they are exposed to kol isha, the Zionists have ONE goal in mind and that is to take a Yid away from Torah. The shamd started years ago and continues, another thing to mourn on Tisha Bav.

      • tell me how many jews that live in israel are religious in israel and were brought up secular should they raise the battle flag against the chareidi community?

  10. This article is a paid advertisement.There are frum Jews in Beersheva as well as frum schools.None of these kids will be forced into nonfrum schools.

  11. Is this what the Three Weeks are all about? Criticizing other Jews? Zionists are Jews too. Yes, some of them have done terrible things (such as with the Yemenite Jews 70 years ago) but so Jews of all stripes and beliefs have done terrible things as well. Any credit to Zionists for risking their lives to protect other Jews? Any credit to the Israeli government for being the biggest financial supporter of Torah learning probably in the history of the world (even if done for political motives)? Can we show some achdus right before Tisha B’av? Can we show some respect to others? Please think about it.

  12. If more Haredim men had jobs they would be able to raise money much more easily, wouldn’t they?

    I’m not aware concept of ultra-orthodox Jews not working in Eastern Europe in the past, nor in US, UK and France these days. Only in Israel is this deemed normal.


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