7-Year-Old Chess Prodigy Banned From World Championships Because She’s Israeli


A seven-year-old Israeli chess prodigy will not be able to participate in the World Chess Championship because the host country, Tunisia, will not allow Israelis to compete, the Times of Israel reports.

The Forward reports that Liel Levitan will instead participate in the World Alternative Championship, which is currently being crowdfunded via a campaign led by fellow Israeli chess player Lior Aizenberg. Levitan, who has only been playing for three years, had qualified for the tournament by winning her category at the European School Chess Championship in Poland earlier this month, proving victorious in six of her seven matches.

Israeli athletes are frequently subjected to discrimination at tournaments held in Arab countries.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. Welcome to the real world, little one, where millions of adults will shamelessly flaunt their hatred toward a young, innocent child simply because she is a Jew.

    • Nothing new. Been going on for 3330 years.

      “What is the reason for the name Mount Sinai? Because hatred [sin’a] descended to the idolaters on it.” (Shabbos 89a)

  2. Very good. Chess seasons ahead. Imperial gold her memory. Hashem has created yet another history of why we will be strong. The drama of antisemitism is not for this world.

    Chess queen. Love her. Maybe she just plays jews in synagogue. Why meet trash hate gentiles for their competitive gold. She deserves better.

    Safer competitions ahead. May she.

  3. Anon
    I don’t think she or her family or country were surprised with Tunisia’s decision. I find that American Jews are usually shocked/surprised.

  4. Judo association took away tournaments from Tunisia and Emirates due to their Israeli discrimination policy. Why can’t the chess bosses do the same?

  5. But if the Israelis banned a Turk, a Jordanian, a Syrian or even an Iranian the world will have begun WWlll against Israel with no countries abstaining!


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