7 Labour MPs Resign From Party Over Brexit, Anti-Semitism


A new schism opened up in British politics on Monday when seven lawmakers staged a dramatic walkout from Britain’s opposition Labour Party, denouncing its handling of a wave of anti-Semitism and a “betrayal” on Brexit.

The seven Members of Parliament, many of them longstanding figures in the party, said variously that Labour was racist, had betrayed its working-class roots and was a threat to national security. Its leader, Jeremy Corbyn, was not fit to become Prime Minister, they said.

The split reflects the mounting frustration over Labour leader Corbyn’s handling of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, and his alleged failure to deal with the anti-Semitism crisis that has engulfed the party.

The lawmakers also slammed Labour for failing to take a lead in “addressing the challenge of Brexit” and to provide a “coherent alternative to the Conservative’s approach.”
Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservative Party is also facing deep divisions over Brexit, including from hard-line Brexiteers some of whom advocate a departure without a deal.

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