6 Unknown Victims of the Holocaust Buried in North London


Six unknown victims of the Holocaust have been buried in north London in the first service of its kind in the UK, Sky News reports.

The remains of the five adults and a child were stored in the archives of the Imperial War Museum (IWM) since the late 1990s before recently being handed back to the Jewish community as part of a collaboration between the museum and the chief rabbi.

The six people, who died at Poland’s Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp, were given a full Jewish funeral and laid to rest in Bushey Cemetery.

The IWM obtained the remains in 1997 when a donor sent them along with other items from Nazi concentration camps. Following a review of its Holocaust material ahead of a new exhibition planned for 2021, it decided it was no longer appropriate for it to hold the remains and contacted the chief rabbi’s office for advice. The remains, which consist of fragments of bone and ash, were analysed by a pathologist in 2005 but the individuals could not be identified.

A wider Holocaust memorial will be built around the grave site and the hope is that it will play a similar role to the Grave of the Unknown Soldier; a place where people can come to remember the millions of people who lost their lives in the Holocaust.

Read more at Sky News.



  1. Total disrespect for the victimized, regardless of the ethnicity of the victims. Any rage over the outrage? Seek shelter.


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