Video, Photos: Six Stabbed at Toeivah Parade in Yerushalayim


toeivah paradeYerushalayim – A Jewish man has been arrested for stabbing six people at a toeivah pride parade today in Yerushalayim Ihr Hakodesh.

Photos of the assailant show a man wielding a large knife.

Paramedics on the scene said two of those injured are in serious condition, while one is moderately injured and three are only lightly injured.

The attacker, Yishai Shlissel, had stabbed people at a previous toeivah parade in 2005 and was jailed for that attack. Shlissel had only been released from jail a few weeks ago, after serving the majority of his term.

Shlissel apparently broke through a police cordon at the parade on Keren Hayesod to carry out the attack shortly before 7 p.m.

Thousands of people were marching for toeivah “pride” in the city. The event was also attended by protestors, who proclaimed that immorality has no place in the Holy City.

Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu condemned the attack “as a most serious incident.”

toeivah parade (1)

toeivah parade (2) toeivah parade (3)

toeivah parade (6)

toeivah parade (1) toeivah parade (2) toeivah parade (3)toeivahVIDEO BELOW:

{ Israel News Bureau}






  2. This nutcase caused an even greater Chillul Hashem for his brazen act. If this guy was arrested a few years ago for the same crime, where were the police to monitor this person?

  3. Please remove the pictures of the disgusting parade-goers.

    The “Online Voice Of Torah Jewry” is going downhill fast….

  4. Regarding this man

    On the one hand
    “Ashrechem she’taphasta al divrei Torah

    On the other,

    As the mal’ach told the king of the khazars
    “your intentions are well meaning desirable, but your actions leave much to be desired”
    and in this case probably counterproductive

  5. I hate to say but I am more stunned and disgusted that some of these pictures…. and most of the scenes from this video can make its way on a website where only a few days so many of us drew great inspiration and chizzuk from the many videos that were featured on this site before and during Tisha B’Av. I love this site but I honestly cannot believe that they have stooped so low.

  6. Does it say anywhere that it’s our job to physically hurt people who are sinning or supporting sinful behavior?
    Am I to assume that all those congratulating this criminal would stab people themselves if they had the courage?

  7. I dont know if i’me right on this but although this fellow acted foolishly to say the least,perhaps he took a lesson from Pinchos when he heard us laining four weeks ago “Vayar pinchos ben elozor…..vayokom mitoich hoeidoh vayikach roimach beyodoi…….

  8. Instead of editing the words I wrote, how about removing the extremely non-tzniyusdik pictures I was referring to. This used to be the site I knew had no objectionable content, now you have no standards anymore. Shame.

  9. therealdeal: The rodef who stabbed six people is more disgusting than any party goer. Get your priorities straight.

  10. Your haters i will hate, and with those who fight you I shall fight. Yes stabbing is not the right way to deal with it now, but he is definitely coming from the right place

  11. Yes, I have total absolute agreement with Comment #6. from “therealdeal.” Very, very, very, extremely, extremely, extremely tragically, these are people who have deteriorated into severely severe wickedness and thus we are not allowed to look at them. So Matzav, please immediately remove these pictures of them. Thanks.

  12. A man, motivated sheerly by disgustingly fanatical religious dogmatism, attempted to murder several innocent beings in cold blood. Referring to the Pride Parade as a “Toeivah Parade” in the title is truly a “Toeivah/Abomination”.
    the article’s title betrays “The Online Voice of Torah Jewry” as being utterly unrepentant and unsympathetic. For shame.

  13. I.J.Bas: Look into the laws of kanain pogin bo, which you are referring to, and you’ll see there is simply no parallel.

  14. #15 Wicked
    Get YOUR priorities straight.

    Do you shake lulav?what for?How come? this is more stringent
    Do you fast on yom kippur ?what for?How come? this is more stringent
    Do you keep shabbos?how come?what for?this is more stringent
    Do you refrain from murder?How come? this is more stringent

  15. #20

    For shame, indeed

    Go join a different nation

    Stop trying to fool us,
    Either you adhere the cardinal precepts of your religion or you’re the same as a messianic ..

  16. #2 what’s wrong with your toes?

    Why are people offended by a picture of a person at a parade but an image of a man holding a knife stabbing people doesn’t seem to bother anyone?

  17. #22 not sure why this is more stringent than Shabbos/yomkippur, bec of the word toevah? they’re all equal in terms of halachic consequence. either way, there was absolutely no justification for violence here.


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