$57 Million For Yerushalayim’s Old Neighborhoods


Yerushalayim has spent $57 million renovating old religious neighborhoods such as Geulah and Meah Shearim.

Streets have been resurfaced, lighting has been replaced and aesthetic garbage containers have replaced ugly plastic bins.

Most recently, a park at the top of Strauss Street was transformed from a weedy wasteland to a pleasant relaxation spot.

{Matzav.com Israel News}


  1. I’m not holding my breath to hear the hakoras hatov from the people these improvements benefited. After all, it’s the treifina Tzionistishe Medinah that paid for them.

  2. “aesthetic garbage containers have replaced ugly plastic bins.”
    WHERE??? if anyone saw any of these, please post accurate location, thanks

  3. Be fair! I just returned from a week in Geulah and was amazed at how they cleaned it up! Cobblestone-like sidewalks, beautiful lampposts, underground dumpsters with only a couple of lids on top instead of the huge smelly overflowing containers you used to see every block. Kol HaKavod to the Municipality!

  4. What’s 57 million dollars. Other areas in Israel get far more funding. Meah shearim is a major tourist site. Some walk it others drive by with tourist busses. Just about every religious Jew visits meah shearim more so than most other israeli areas. That’s a fact.

  5. The second commentaor calls them ‘ingrates’. Perhaps he doesn’t (want to) understand where they are coming from. A significant proportion of the inhabitants do not accept money from the state in any shape or form – including these works. The water cisterns that supplied the entire neighbourhood were closed by the state. The road was destroyed by buses. Replacing the green plastic rubbish containers (which were regularly set alight and wheeled out to face the police) have been replaced by immovable metal skips. Thousands of non-religious and non-jewish tourists are directed through the entire area throughout the year – something no one reading this article would tolerate in their own hometown.
    At best I would think that R Shimon bar Yochai’s pronouncement on the Roman ‘rennovations’ would be most apt: Whatever they do, they do for their own good – not ours.


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