52,000 Products Certified Kosher for Pesach; 300,000 Jews at Programs Worldwide


The number of food items that are certified kosher for Passover this year has reached a record 52,000, according to a survey by Lubicom Marketing Consulting. The agency, which maintains an extensive data base on the kosher market and conducts many research products throughout the year, said that the number of kosher for Passover items in 2011 was 23,000, nearly half of what it is today. The largest kosher certification agency, the Orthodox Union (OU), certified 32,077 food items this year as opposed to 17,134 in 2011, a 100% increase. Other certifications like the OK, cRc, Kof-K, and Star-K also saw the number of certified items soar this year.

Lubicom also reported that an estimated 300,000 Jews will be spending either a part or the entire Yom Tov in hotel programs throughout the world that some experts say has been “growing by leaps and bounds.” Some 200,000 Israelis go to hotels, mostly in Israel with as many as 20,000 believed to travel abroad. Estimates are that 80,000 American Jews participate in one of 70-80 programs in the US. An additional 20,000 are believed to come from Europe, South America, and Australia.

Writing in Kosher Today, the on-line trade publication for the kosher food industry, Mr. Lubinsky called the growth in the number of products now certified kosher for Pesach “a dramatic development for kosher.” He said that more than 70% of American Jewry participated in Pesach (at least one Seder), which contributes to the estimated $1.3 billion Pesach business. Mr. Lubinsky praised kosher manufacturers for their “innovation and creativity” in developing new products for Pesach.

“Not all the products ever see the light of day, some because of the quality of the product and others because of lack of proper marketing.” He also paid tribute to the kashrus agencies for “strengthening kashrus standards despite this extraordinary growth.”

Perhaps most intriguing is the scope of the Passover hotel program which now includes luxury hotels in Mexico, Morocco, Africa, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, Australia, Brazil, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, French Riviera, and Croatia. In additions to programs in luxury hotels, many smaller programs take place in other countries, including the US and Canada. In Orlando, vacationers rented more than 1,000 villas and homes with many retailers shipping food to the popular destination. Travel agents and other experts told Kosher Today that for most people “going away for Passover is more than avoiding the strenuous efforts to prepare a home for Passover. It is a combined holiday/vacation opportunity that many families take advantage of.”



  1. If the 300,000 yidden who go to hotels for Pesach would give up their vacation for one year and donate the money to much needed Jewish Causes worldwide, excess of a half billion dollars will be raised. Do the math.

  2. How many of the 52000 products do not require special passover supervision and only serve to raise the cost to the consumer?
    How many of the 52000 products lack a open code date so that the consumer that spends his/her hard earned dollars knows if the product is fresh or as it happens too often it is past its recommended shelf life?

  3. Let’s see…are all Jellos one product or each flavor it’s own product? Same with Kedem Grape Juice….same with all the different flavors of cheese….wine…

  4. The problem I have, is that these people take a vacation davka on Pesach. They can easily take a vacation a week before or a week after. There is no need to take a vacation during one of the most opportune times for spiritual growth. When one is in vacation mode, he can’t possibly take full advantage of the opportunity to get close to HKBH. If one is able to afford the $50,000.00 for an average family, minimum to travel to one of these vacation resorts, he can easily afford to pay a couple of maids and servants to clean and cook for Pesach in their own home. Taking a vacation during these holy days shows a total lack of understanding & appreciation of what the Holiday of Pesach has to offer. Empty souls.
    I’m not talking about particular cases where it is impossible for numerous sensitive reasons, to make a Pesach in one’s home. Those are the minority exceptions. There are plenty of places right here in the tri-state area. No need to take a plane trip anywhere. I’m talking about a normal healthy family.

  5. 52,000 items…really? Maybe that’s the problem with this generation…not knowing what they actually say at the seder….WHY IS THIS NIGHT DIFFERENT THAN THE OTHER NIGHT.
    Growing up, we actually felt it was Pesach…With Matzoh eggs, cheese and cream….some fruit and Oberlanders cookies and macaroons, we survived just fine!
    But no…today, chas v’sholem deprive our spoiled generation from 52,000 items so they don’t go hungry or disciplined. ..Poor souls…never have a chance to feel slightly deprived for a week…and with bagels and pizza….what’s next?. ..
    The world has really turned itself on its head I feel sorry for the children and parents growing up in this century…
    It’s bad…and getting worse.


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