51% of Secular Israelis Don’t Want Chareidi Neighbor


monsey-yiddenA poll conducted by Ynet and Gesher has found that 51% of secular Israelis would not like a chareidi neighbor. The poll was conducted among 500 adult participants. When asked who they would least like to have as a neighbor – a chareidi, secular, national-religious, or conservative/reformist Jew – 41% were impartial, 36% said they would not like to have a chareidi neighbor, 12% answered conservative/reformist, 8% didn’t want a secular neighbor, and 3% answered national-religious.

The most tolerant sector to participate in the poll was that of traditional Jews, of which 58% were impartial. In contrast, 73% of chareidi Orthodox participants said they did not want a neighbor who was not an Orthodox Jew.

Chareidi participants were also opposed to reform marriage, and 88% said they would boycott such an occasion. Of the seculars polled, 94% said they would attend the wedding, and 67% of traditional Jews concurred.

Professor Asher Cohen of Bar Ilan University was encouraged by the findings, and said he believed there were two reasons for the positive results. “One is that the relationships between us aren’t as bad as they appear in the media, and the other is that people’s answers may not be based on their actual desires, but rather on political correctness,” he said.

Cohen added that the fact that only half of seculars said they did not want a chareidi neighbor was “positive and amazing”.

“For many years the chareidim have been suffering from a strong image of extortionists who not only use their power to receive funding, but do it while engaging in separatism and evasion of army service,” he said.

“Add to that the vivid memory from recent weeks in which not a day has gone by without a report of chareidi riots. This is a sure recipe for a majority of seculars to admit that they do not want an ultra-Orthodox neighbor, and that is why the data before us is positive.”

{Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel/Ynet}


  1. Is it 51% or 36%? Either way we only have ourselves to blame. If I saw secular Israelis smashing public property, causing toxic fumes under my window, screaming obscenities in the middle of the night, I would say I didn’t want them as neighbours. I am surprised the percentage is so low, whether it is 36% or 51%.

  2. They have a guilt feeling. They are afraid that they’ll become religious, or their children might decide to add some religion to their household-GEVALD!
    They dread “another Uri Zohar”?

  3. Not bad statistic.
    51% of seculars do NOT want a charede neighbor
    100% of Charedim do NOT want a secular neighbor.

  4. all your stupid comments acide, the gemure says (psuchim 49) that non observant jews hate us more than the goiyim do, we are not embarresed of them, with all the chesed going on in our communities, while all nthe murder is going on by the secular jews, hashem keeps us away from them so we shouldn’t be like them

  5. to Meir and Destro613: you can go live near the secular jews, we don’t need u by us, let’s c them help u in times of need

  6. Torah Jew (sic?), what do you think of Project Inspired?

    What do you mean, “we are not embarrassed of them”? I realize that a lot of commentors haven’t taken typing so I cut a lot of slack but did you mean “of” instead of “by”? Or something else?

  7. A hareidi next door? No thanks – I want my garbage to stay in the cans where it belongs. And not have to pick up all of those rocks from my front walk.

    Which means of course that I couldn’t live next door to myself….

    We do such great PR for ourselves, why do we need enemies?


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