46% Of Female Combat Officers Failed Fitness Exam, Compared To 10% Of Men


According to data received by Arutz Sheva, 46% of female combat officers failed their annual fitness exam this year.

In contrast, the percentage of failures among male officers was only 10%.

The IDF noted that “Many steps are being taken to adapt training and combat fitness programs to female combat soldiers,” including the addition of more combat fitness officers and instructors per group of soldiers.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. I’m surprised that the IDF chief who’s dying to get females as combat soldiers (to spite G-d’s Torah) is not following the direction of the professor in a university in the US who raised female students’ grades.

    • No issue with your disagreement. I do have an issue with matters of life and death being treated cavalierly. In a firefight with an enemy, a wounded soldier has only fellow soldiers to see him/her out alive. If a soldier, carrying a 60-pound or greater field pack and a rifle can’t make it out with another soldier, both are dead. Dead soldiers are what we want on the enemy’s side, not on our side.
      Fake news or not, failing a physical, be it a soldier, a paramedic, a firefighter, or a police officer means that casualties, fatal or not, will occur. That’s not fake.

  2. as another side note, Keep in mind what happens if a woman soldier gets captured by the arabs – probably won’t be so good for her!


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