41 States Buck Trump Administration over Voter Data Request


At least 41 states have so far said they will not turn over sensitive voter data to the Trump administration’s voter integrity commission. A CNN inquiry found that different states have varying concerns about the federal government’s request, including the requirement that the data be submitted through an online portal.

So far, just three states (Colorado, Missouri and Tennessee) have shown a willingness to work with the commission, which was established via executive order in May after Trump falsely claimed that millions of vote were cast illegally in the 2016 election. The president himself has weighed in on the controversy, tweeting a few days ago: “What are they trying to hide?Read more at CNN.



  1. Interesting enough it seems that the higher the illegal population, the more resistance there is. Smells to the high heavens and terrifies the dems. Eo who ever voted in Brooklyn has seen the mass illegal voting happening. Most voters don’t even talk English.


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