400,000 Chanukah Donuts for the IDF


DONUTSOver 400,000 donuts for Chanukah have been purchased for IDF soldiers for the upcoming chag, which begins tonight, with 80 percent of them being of the jelly variety, while 20 percent being of the chocolate sort.

The Ministry of Defense will provide the suganiyot to tens of thousands of soldiers over the eight days of Chanukah.

The 80%-to-20% jelly-to-chocolate ratio is based upon soldiers’ preferences,

Gil Sandler, head of the food department at the Defense Ministry, said, “We want all our soldiers to experience and feel the holiday atmosphere, to have a sweet and fun Chanukah. The psyche of the soldiers is very important to us, and we therefore…provide a fresh supply of donuts daily [during Chanukah], with maximum freshness for every soldier to enjoy. ”

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. The advent of sufiganiot for Hannukah is not Israel kept busier by the shape of our waist. The diabetic velocity increases.

    Every donut you eat is two latkes you did not taste. Who could substitute the confection for the blessed?

    diabetes is a crime. Donuts are great but hannukah is a time of miracles. Your waist-line is not a private matter.

    His dieters can see the shame of a not so innocent approach to a great celebration.

    The latke is a tater that must be minded. It knows the oil was for the commerce of a greater look at joy.

    Donuts are just an easier look at gelt.

    Funny but the endocrinologist knows your secrets.

    A spud is a friend.

    Shalom. Happy non-sufiganiot Hannukah with great latkes!


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