4,000 People Support Alternative Kashrus in Israel


An attempt to protect the rabbinate backfired when the public fought back.

Chotam, an organization founded “to bring Judaism to the public agenda,” issued a Facebook condemnation against a decision of Israel’s Pasta Basta restaurant franchises to halt the rabbinate’s supervision over its eight branches and instead use the hechsher of Tzohar’s Hashgachah Peratitorganization.

Accusing the company of betraying the rabbinate as well as Jews who wish to remain faithful to Israel’s rabbinate, Chotam wrote, “We will vote with our feet. Whoever wants to eat kosher will not enter Pasta Basta under Tzohar supervision!”

But within a short time, 4,000 people responded that they would be eating at the banned eatery.

{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Also, that’s not the number of people who accept Tzohar’s supervision, that’s the number of people who posted on FaceBook that they would eat at this one restaurant in Petach Tikva. I wasn’t one of them because I live in Jerusalem, although I do I eat at the branch at Machane Yehuda, also supervised by Tzohar.

  2. what is ‘alternative kasharut’? either a food is halachicly kosher or it is not. who will this benefit? what are they thinking? is this some form of ‘open orthodoxy’?

  3. The main thing is to eat only chalav yisroel. Then you have a guaranteed entrance into Oilam Haba. Anyone that consumes chalav stam is the worst kind of choytay. He is an oisvorf and a mituroff and has no chelek in olam haba. At least that’s what I was told.


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