4,000 Community Members Petition for Yoni Hikind for City Council


Just two weeks after Yoni Hikind declared his candidacy for the NYC Council, some 4,000 members of the community signed petitions to support his candidacy.

“We only needed 450 community members to validate Yoni’s candidacy—this is an overwhelming show of support,” said Israel Bitton, Hikind’s campaign manager. “Because we were surprised by the opportunity, we had limited time to plan. But the community knows Yoni, knows what he’s done and will endeavor to do if elected. We were expecting a strong showing, but these numbers—and the number of volunteers who are offering to help—is amazing.”

“From the moment I launched this campaign, I saw this process as a job interview,” said Yoni Hikind. “I’m overwhelmed and humbled by the positive initial response from so many of my potential employers, and I look forward to continue to make the case for why I’m the best fit to do, and ultimately be hired for, the job. I want to thank everyone who has been so supportive thus far.”

Hikind is seeking to represent the residents of Borough Park, Midwood, Kensington and Bensonhurst within Council District 44. The seat is being vacated by Councilman David Greenfield. Due to the seat being vacated on short notice, which left no time for a conventional primary, the “Our Neighborhood” party line was established with Yoni as its candidate for City Council.

A graduate of Yeshiva University’s Wurzweiler’s School of Social Work, Yoni has spent more than a decade as a social worker and therapist, aiding individuals in desperate circumstances, and counseling them with love and devotion. He was involved in leading a school for disadvantaged youth, helping them establish healthy and productive lives.



  1. I believe he learnt in the Mir Yerushalayim as well.
    My family plans on voting for him. He is honest and went about getting on the ballot in a clean straightforward way without bashing or denigrating anyone else. A breath of fresh air. Kol hakavod.

  2. Yoni is going to win this, we don’t need an outsider that doesn’t live in the district getting coronated just like Hillary wanted with Bernie, why do Democrats hate democracy? Yoni all the way!


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