40 Foreign Nationals Arrested In NYC Area Operations


Nearly 40 foreign nationals were detained in Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids in New York City, according to a memo released by organization, CBS NEW YORK reports.

“In a memo dated Saturday, February 11th, ICE claimed that these arrests were part of “routine, daily targeted operations” and noted that additional persons encountered during these operations would, “when appropriated [sic], arrested by ICE.” ICE has already confirmed operations in five other states last week,” the New York Immigration Coalition said in a statement released yesterday.

While it’s unclear how many of those detained have criminal records, immigration advocates say the community is scared, WCBS 880’s Myles Miller reported, CBS NEW YORK.



  1. …immigration advocates say the community is scared…..
    The “community” of illegals? That is also a community? Where is their community center, and who is the chairman?

    Why does every illegal gang or mob suddenly become a community, when it suits some dreamy liberal politician?

  2. What about doing a raid in Washington DC, I heard there is someone living there who was born in Kenya and has fake papers saying he was born in the USA . This guy has a criminal record,helping convicts escape from jail,funded a fraudulant healthcare business that now owes billions,and is illegally using fraudulent papers.


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