$4 Billion World Trade Center Transit Hub To Open Next Week


The most controversial – and expensive – building in New York City opens to the public next week, but CBS2 got a sneak preview of the $4 billion World Trade Center transit hub.

CBS NEW YORK reports that the new structure, known as “Oculus,” is perched at the edge of the 9/11 Memorial.

The apex of the ceiling soars 160 feet above the floor, which is larger than the main concourse at Grand Central. The place will eventually be packed with shoppers as stores are leasing space.

Critics are divided on the architectural merits of the structure, with one calling the transit hub “a lemon,” while another praised it as “extravagantly idealistic.”

Everyone agrees the $4 billion price tag is hard to justify. It’s estimated the transit hub will see up to 200,000 visitors a day. CBS NEW YORK



  1. 1- the picture is a rendering of the PATH concourse leading down to the train platforms. Half of that is already open, the other half won’t be done for a while.

    2- the $4billion is not just for the oculus, it is for the entire transportation complex including all the underground infrastructure under the entire WTC site. Still a huge amount of money, but not as outrageous as it sounds if you consider the complexity of the construction involved.

  2. The complex is also supposed to connect PATH to the A,C,E,1,2,3,R trains too and I hear is also supposed to connect to the Fulton street trains as well. I guess we will find out with time. A 4 billion dollar shopping center would be ridiculous, but it is a lot more than that.


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