390 Billion Tons of Glaciers Are Melting Every Year: Study


A new study from the Nature International Journal of Science has determined that glaciers worldwide are melting at a rate of 390 billions tons of snow and ice per year due to climate change. The loss rates mean some mountain ranges could lose all their snow and ice by the end of the century.

The largest losses are seen in the Alaskan glaciers, the South American ice fields and the Arctic glaciers. The study also showed sea levels worldwide have risen an inch over the past 50 years, and about 30 percent of this rise is due to glaciers melting.

The study authors, mostly from the University of Zurich, say the glacier loss can be attributed to climate change because they observed the losses all beginning at around the same time across 30 years ago. This would indicate a global issue that lead researcher Michael Zemp says is “clearly climate change.”


Read more at Relevant Magazine.




  1. Either this is recycled stuff or typical MSM disinformation from the Global Warming Hoaxers.

    It was recently reported that scientists have discovered that ice glaciers of Denmark and Greenland have reversed course and starting to accumulate ice at an alarming pace, a NASA study found. Which makes a lot of sense since President Trump stopped geoengineering, the deliberate large-scale intervention in the Earth’s natural systems to counteract climate change.

  2. Yeh, yeh, fake news like the collusion delusion. Just a way for the socialists/Democrats to gain more power.


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