38 Year Old Southern Israeli Victim Leaves Almanah in 9th Month


israel-rocket-attackYossi Shushan, 38, of Ofakim, died of wounds he sustained last night in a Grad Katyusha attack on Be’er Sheva fired by Gaza terrorists just after Shabbos ended.

Shushan had spent Shabbos in Ofakim with his father and became worried about his wife, nine months pregnant, after hearing the air raid sirens, and decided to travel to Be’er Sheva to be with her. He did not make it into the house she was in before the rocket hit and his wife identified his body minutes after he was killed. The couple had two young daughters and were eagerly awaiting the birth of their first son.

The cries of his wife and family could be heard as the tragic news was announced on the local radio station. Reports that a second person died of his wounds were later determined to be false. Eight others were wounded after the attack that targeted the northern part of the city, called the capital of the Negev.

Doctors fought late into the night to save the lives of four others who were still in the operating rooms at Soroka Medical Center following the attacks. At least two of the victims had been rushed to the hospital in critical condition, with two others in serious condition. Two more victims suffered moderate injuries and one had lighter wounds.

Local Be’er Sheva residents reported hearing 11 explosions just as Shabbos was ending at about 8:15 p.m. The barrage came just after a similar attack on Ofakim, where a missile scored a direct hit on a house. A four-month-old baby, a nine-year-old boy and a 20-year-old man were all wounded by shrapnel and flying debris from the impact in that attack. Another 38 people were admitted to Soroka Medical Center with severe anxiety.

Another missile slammed into a commercial building, also in Ofakim, closed due to Shabbos. Two other missiles landed in open areas. No one was physically wounded in those attacks, although numerous residents suffered from trauma and anxiety. Gaza terrorists also fired mortar shells at the Eshkol Regional Council district. At least one shell hit a building, causing slight damage. No physical injuries were reported.

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{Arutz Sheva/Matzav.com Newscenter}


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