36 Democrats Running For The House Are Jewish


Thirty six of the Democrats running for the US House of Representatives in November are Jewish, JTA reported. 18 are incumbents and an equal number are challengers.

Three Jewish Democrats are leaving the House: Sandy Levin of Michigan is retiring, Jacky Rosen of Nevada is running for the Senate and Jared Polis of Colorado is a candidate for governor.


Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. Good. Any kosher. Dare to fully doubt. Trash rises. Maybe Anthony Weiner gets company. They will all make us sick.

  2. Given that they are Democrats, I would guessay that your point is that you are embarrassed by their association with judaism.

  3. ‘rah-bbis’..jewish like ,um, rabbi Sally who performed a marriage ceremony with her dog to her horse because they shouldt be dsicriminated…with the PETA mentality to put a monument where 6000 lobsters were killd, the lobster holo….

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