Watch: Moshe Donates Kidney to His Brother


Yosef, originally from Arizona, now lives in Brooklyn. He served in the IDF for 2 years. He reached out to Renewal when his kidneys started failing a year ago.

Renewal arranged a kidney donation from Moshe, Yosef’s brother who now lives in Chicago. He also served in the IDF for 14 months. He came forward without any hesitation once he heard his brother was in need.

All are asked to daven for donor Moshe Lipa ben Miriam Gittel and recipient Yosef Shmuel ben Miriam Gittel.

Kidney transplants have a great success rate, but as with everything we do in life, we need to have siyata diShmaya that it be successful.

Watch the brothers share their feelings right before going into surgery:



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