Watch: Another Aggressive Incident Involving A Church Avenue Car Service Driver in Boro Park


BP24 reports:

A Bus Driver of a Karlin Stolin bus reports that on Monday morning he was on 13th Avenue and 41st Street, when a Church Ave Car Service driver passed a red light. Worried for the safety of the children on the bus, the driver honked at the passing car service.

The bus continued on it’s way, until on 13th Ave, between 42nd and 43rd St the car service driver got out of his vehicle and starting banging on the bus windows terrifying the children inside.

Below is video footage of the car service drive returning to the bus and banging on the school bus’ doors. WATCH:



  1. I don’t see anyone banging on the school bus. I never used Church car service anyway. We always use Eastland car service. They are very punctual and efficient. I’ve always got a Hispanic driver. Our experience with them has been excellent.

  2. When will our dear brothers in BP learn NEVER to take Church Car Service? How many more such incidents will it take to understand a basic rule in life that just because something is a dollar cheaper, it’s not worth your safety or ruchniyos. Their drivers are mostly illegals, crass, crude, foul-mouthed, and discourteous.
    The chassidim do not allow their women to drive because it lacks tzniyus, but they allow them to sit alone in cars with illegals! This is illogical in the extreme. At least use a Jewish car service.

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