Hamas Terrorist Torture 13-Year-Old Palestinian Boy Because of Children’s Quarrel


13-year-old Muhammad Adham Abu Anzah was tortured by a group of Hamas terrorists because he hit the son of one of their commanders. The commander and the group that beat up the 13 year old kid are all associated with the Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam brigade.

In a rare broadcast on Palestinian Authority TV, a 13-year-old Gazan boy and his parents openly criticized Hamas for beating and torturing him.


“They hit me with daggers and a whip. He broke my finger… When one finished or tired out, another came and continued to hit me with a belt. They broke iron on my neck.”

No Gazan Criticizes Hamas

It is life-threatening for Gazans to complain about the oppression of Hamas because they are basically signing their own death warrants. However, this 13-year old’s mother would not sit quietly in the face of her son being beaten up by them.

She makes clear that child abuse is the limit for Gazans. She acknowledged that Gazans have “acquiesced to” Hamas’ “disrespect and humiliation… when it’s done to adults,” but that child abuse is where they draw the line.

“It doesn’t matter what the child did, the child is a minor. You hit him, kill him, tie his hands behind his back, because he hit his son, [the son] of someone from Hamas… We have acquiesced to [Hamas’] disrespect. We have acquiesced to the humiliation. We have accepted – okay, when it’s done to adults. But when it comes to the children, what else remains in the world?”

The boy’s father stated that the attackers are known to the family, adding that this is how Hamas treats anyone who voices criticism. “If someone speaks up or raises his head – they [Hamas] kill him… I implore the human rights organizations, the Arab states, and all of the organizations to stand with us.”

World Silence

Will the world condemn Hamas for torturing a 13-year-old and for oppressing their own citizens in Gaza? No they won’t. Instead, they will focus their wrath on Israel for building homes, and shooting at their terrorists trying to destroy the border fence to infiltrate and kill Jews.


  1. Oy, such a rachmanus!! Poor kid! When he grows up he most certainly will do the same or worse to an Israeli,Haas veHalila

  2. They’ll be dead and the death will be blamed on some Israeli soldier; then the UN will make some outlandish resolution and bring Israel to their international court for doing it!

  3. because of attitudes of ‘it’s ok if it’s done to an adult–that’s the reason this ‘religion of peace’ can do this to a child. do you think any human rights (?) group will protest this? did these parents learn anything about what they and theirchildren are being taught in the schools from they are little children? did any of these people learn that such attacks can happen to their own children? i agree with the above: i wonder if they will live for a year and if anyone will find out what really happens to this family


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