Dan L’Kaf Zchus: Man “Steals” Ball From Child, Goes Viral


Check out the video above. Without any context, it seems like the man is stealing a foul ball that was clearly meant for the child in front of him. “What a jerk!,” you might think. You wouldn’t be the only one. The video, taken at a Cubs game on Sunday, went viral on Twitter, with nearly every commentator unanimously condemning the “horrible” man for his selfish actions.

The video got around so quickly that the Cubs team managed to see it before the game was even over. The team quickly located the boy in the video and made sure he went home with a ball, this time one that was signed. one of the players.

However, some fact checking by people who witnessed the events in real time showed that the world judged the man too quickly. The man, it now appears, is a good guy who does not deserve this at all, and indeed gave away every ball he got—including, earlier, one to that very same child!

In fact, in the pictures taken with Cub players, the boy can be seen holding two ball, one from the team and the other from man accused of stealing from the boy!

Oh, and the ball that the man seemed so excited about picking up before giving to his wife? Even that ball ended up in good hands. According to one account: “I was sitting next to this guy. That ball was between my feet. The kid already had a ball the same guy helped him get. He handed it to his wife. She took a picture of it and they gave it to the kid next to them. This guy was great. This story is BAD.”

Just goes to show, you can never judge until you know the full story.



  1. Mister Wondering, I’m wondering (parden the pun), have you read this story to the end? I guess I will NOT judge you by your comment, I don’t really have all the facts about you. But your comment does say a lot about you to begin with…

    Thank you Matzav.com this is a good story for us to learn a lesson, especially a day after Tisha B’Av.


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