Report: Trump Cancelled N. Korean Meeting To Preempt Kim Cancelling


President Trump reportedly worried that North Korea could pull the plug on a planned summit with the country’s leader Kim Jong Un, and decided to cancel the meeting on Thursday before Kim got the chance.

NBC News reported that Trump’s decision to nix the June 12 meeting with Kim in Singapore came shortly after the president and his top advisers began seriously discussing the prospect of withdrawing.

The decision was abrupt. Trump did not give a heads up to congressional leaders or key allies, NBC News reported.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. Not being a mind reader I can’t be sure what Kim was thinking, but the entire time this process was ongoing it seemed that Kim was playing Trump and the U.S.

    • Actually, it was quite the other way around. ANd when the tighter sanctions prevent Kim for having his cognac, he’ll come crawling to Trump.


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