3,000 Jam RCCS Dinner to be Mispallel for Cancer Patients


168[Photos below.] Last night, over 3,000 members of the Williamsburg community jammed the Ateres Avraham hall to give support to the hundreds of cancer-stricken patients being helped each year by the Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society (RCCS), and to be mispallel, together as one, for all Cholei Yisroel throughout the world. The emotional recitation of Tehillim was led by Harav Yaakov Chanon, a special shliach from the Eideh

Hachareidus in Yerushalayim.

The Dinner was sponsored by Reb Yisroel Yaakov Hirsch, in memory of his father, Reb Avraham Abba Hirsch z”l who was niftar this past year. Avraham Abba z”l, together with his entire family, were the mainstays of RCCS throughout the past decade. The assemblage heard several inspiring speeches, most notably from Harav Shmuel Dishon, the guest speaker, as well as from RCCS president, Reb Hershel Kohn. Awards were presented to noted askanim, Yisroel Roseman, patient liaison in NYU, and Mendel Kolman, veteran Williamsburg Hatzalah member.

There was barely a dry eye in the house when Hamazamrim with soloist Mutty Illowitz introduced, by song, Shmuel Kohn, a recent cancer patient who publicly thanked RCCS for being the messenger to save his life. He exclaimed that he received treatments in four hospitals in three states; New York, New Jersey, and Indiana, and RCCS was there with him every step of the way.

Click here for photos of the event.

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