3 Years to Destroy ISIS, U.S. Estimates


isisThe U.S. is planning a campaign against ISIS that may take as many as three years of sustained effort to complete, including attacking the self-proclaimed Islamic State’s redoubt in Syria, according to senior officials in the Obama administration.

The first phase, which is focused on airstrikes, is already underway. The second phase, which won’t begin until Iraq forms a more inclusive government, will involve intensive training and equipment outfitting of Kurdish fighters, Iraqi military, and possibly Sunni tribes. The third phase will be destroying ISIS sanctuary in Syria.

Obama has recently faced criticism from both parites for not having a strong plan to combat ISIS. On Sunday, President Obama told Meet the Press that his plan for ISIS is “not the equivalent of the Iraq War” in which 100,000 troops would be deployed. Read more at The New York Times.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Incredible how the media and Obama are playing political games with this serious matter by avoiding he use of the word “war”.

    Obama, Newsflash: Attacking with airstrikes is an act of war. I’ve got no problem with waging war against these bloodthirsty troglodytes. Obama and the media always have to sanitize everything about war.

    The fact is that the civilized world needs to get busy annihilate these savages as soon as possible (not three years!). And not just in Syria & Iraq: Civilized people need to combat and destroy the radical jihadists that are plaguing the other nations in North Africa, the “Middle East” and in Asia.

    With 44 million Moslems in Europe, we shall see how quickly they can get on board with this world war against radical jihadism.

    Like it or not, and not ignoring other “hot spots” like Ukraine, radical jihadism has is THE #1 threat to world peace.

  2. Needs of the Obama presidency are dimpled. They are just another day at the range too. Just another day with a golf habit that transcends the pharaoh. And if you want to really worry about the amount of time it takes to get rid of ISIS, ask the world, how many games of golf will it take to get the enemy to be a better green fee for this president. Living to see another president fix the real problems.

  3. RedState:

    Yes yes. The Kenyan is ever so vigilant not to G-d forbid insult a holy Muslim. When the Kenyan stole the election in 08, he immediately went on an apology tour in the Arab world, telling them that Sep. 11th was not their fault. We as successful Americans had it coming. He was so concerned about the “backlash” that the poor Muslims might get in America. So how does he walk back all those apologies and stick it to the radical Muslims? Big problem. And frankly, he doesn’t care. Let the next President worry about it.

  4. Obama is a sissy, of one kind or the other. He abhors fighting as such, which he always tries to “negotiate” to avoid direct confrontation.
    The obvious fact that he really does not like people at all makes it impossible for him to have negotiating skills – give a little, get a little. So, his idea of negotiating is :here’s what I want, you give . Or: I’m afraid, don’t hit me; please go away.
    The disloyal Americans who keep all the bad news from him also are abetting our enemies.
    We need to act boldly to remove him now for inability to perform his duties; the Constitution provides for this.


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