3 Israelis Rescued From Near Lynching After Sneaking Into Kever Yosef


Before sunrise early Tuesday morning, a group of three Jewish visitors looking to daven at Kever Yosef Hatzaddik, entered Shechem by car, with no authorization from the regional IDF commander, an army spokesperson reported.

After the three exited their vehicle, however, local Arabs stole the car and torched it, leaving the Israeli visitors stranded.

The three contacted the army for assistance, and were safely extracted from Shechem by an IDF unit. There were no injuries reported. Read more at Arutz Sheva.



    • I guess you’re not a jew….every jew would understand why…except those with no concept of why, regardless of the error in not asking for help, your question begs for help in the …oh well…in the everything department!!!

  1. until the Zionists made “peace” with the Arabs one could go to kever Yosef like walking down the block, its because of the liberal Zionists that we cannot.

  2. B”H the three visitors and the IDF personnel who saved them weren’t hurt or killed. That said, people who do such things should understand that they are not only endangering themselves, but also the young IDF men and women who are obligated to rescue them.

  3. It’s surreal: some Jews go to daven at a Jewish kever in a Jewish land, get attacked by the islamonazis with tacit approval of the government of the supposed Jewish state, then get blaimed for the entire incident by the supposedly religious Jewish commenters on Matzav. At least now it is obvious that despite the attempt to justify an abandonment of Har Habais with hilchos tuma, the real reason is an insane repetition of the always failing apeasment attempts. The only way to appease an islamonazi, is to turn yourself into one. Perhaps that would be an eventual conclusion of the Jewish Chamberlain crowd.

    • …comments the brave keyboard warrior as his Jewish IDF brethren put themselves in harms way rescuing these feckless people. What a hero you are, fighting until every last drop of someone else’s blood.

      • Are you ,by chance, the same” KEYBOARD WARRIOR” (a term I’ve recently heard by someone)guy who runs stuff on utube perhaps against religious people, since you found their way of life unsuitable for your very sophisticated senses?

        • 1. It is you, Neville Chamberlain, who is not religious. Either due to ignorance, rishus, or both.
          2. I am religious and I don’t run any utube channels.

      • What are you babbling about IDF for? The ishuv used to defend itself very effectively in the pre medina and the pre IDF days by aggressive retaliation against any islamonazi bullying acts. If anything, the judenrat medina completely outlawed and subdued any kind of retaliation from the Jewish population while tacitly permitting the islamonazi bullying, then hypocritically justified the confiscation of the basic human right to religious service from the Jewish population based on a lack of security resources that the medina itself manufactured. Mafia does this kind of things – it’s called racketeering. Anybody who agrees with judenrat in their suicidal quest to appease the islamonazis, is either a useful idiot or a genuine erev rav. I’ll be done lechaf zchus to classify you as the former.


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