25K Raffle for a Home Makeover! Early Bird Deadline Ends Today!



Have you been pushing off that paint job that your house so desperately needs? Do you still have those paper window shades from when you moved in 5 years ago? Are those wire shelves causing havoc in your closets? Do you need new carpets? How about new appliances? If you answered yes to any of the above, The Mekor Hachinuch Mega Home Décor Raffle is for you.

By participating in this Mega Raffle, you not only have a chance to win $25,000 worth of home improvements, you also have the z’chus of supporting this wonderful mosad hatorah.

1 ticket=$36

3 tickets =$75

5 tickets =$100

Receive a beautiful complimentary                     

Lucite gift with the purchase of the $100 package                         


Mekor Hachinuch identifies children who are not meeting success in the regular classroom environment and places them in a special “self-contained” classroom. This setting provides these children with the specialized and individualized teaching and attention they need to be matzliach.  

The goal is to mainstream these students back to a regular classroom by eighth grade or sooner, equipped with the skills they need to continue their respective academic paths. To avoid any stigmas, these classes are housed in our mainstream yeshivos and schools, allowing the students to feel as normal as their peers.

The results have been astounding. To date, Mekor Hachinuch has 150 students in 17 classes. Countless children have been helped and taught the skills they need to succeed in high school and beyond. The program has saved so many children from certain failure as they are spared the pain of having to swim upstream against a raging current.


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