Stamford Hill: Man Wielding Knife Arrested After Making Anti Semitic Threats


A man armed with meat cleaver & large knife was seen roaming the Jewish neghborhood of Stamford Hills, London. Following violent threats directed at Jews, the police were called to intervene. Armed police officers arrived quickly to the scene where they apprehended the man before any damage was done. 



  1. how ignorant can children be to see this huge machete and stand around watching instead of running or calling for help?

  2. This story must be fake news: guns and knives are banned in Britain, therefore any potential murderer and terrorist will obey the anti weapon law – even when disobeying the rest of the penal code. What we need is to ban all knives and guns here in the US, so that we can be as safe as in England. And I am perfectly sane without my meds!


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