NYC Bans Two Mohalim from Doing Metzitzah B’Peh


The city has banned two mohalim from performing meztitzah b’peh after babies were infected with herpes, but will rely on them to comply on their own, the NY Daily News reports.

Health Commissioner Mary Bassett said Wednesday the city has identified two of the six mohalim claimed to be responsible for giving infants herpes through metzitzah b’peh and ordered them not to practice pending a herpes test.

The commissioner said the city does not consider the minhag safe, but cannot stop parents. “The Health Department considers this an unsafe practice, and we recommend that people not engage in it,” she said. “Nonetheless, it is a legal practice.” Read more at NY Daily News.


  1. A liberal-fascist tactic of incremental infiltration: first they benevolently decide who has herpes and who doesn’t, then they’ll suddenly realize that 99% of population are asymptomatic herpes carriers, hence no metzitza bepe for any mohel, then it’s a homerun towards outlawing mila for minors all together. If you accept the premise that the gubmit liberal-fascists have a say in our mitsva observance, then one day you’ll wake-up to a complete ban.

  2. Good! This is what happens when we flaunt rules and laws and don’t self-regulate. If we had, on our own, banned these guys ourselves, we wouldn’t have NYC coming down on us like a ton of bricks.


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