25% Plan To Not Buy Insurance, Pay Fine


no-health-careA new Gallup poll has found that 25 percent of today’s uninsured plan to stay that way.

The poll, released on September 30, noted that two in three of those surveyed said they “planned” to get insurance rather than pay the small fine at the end of the year. The poll further found that under half intend to take advantage of the state or federal insurance exchanges when they are finally up and running.

It should be noted that that this result was based on what people say they intend to do, not what they have actually done or are even in the process of doing.

Statistics worsened in the important 18 to 29 age bracket. Sixty-nine percent of the youth demographic were unaware they were required to get health insurance by January 1, 2014. This is the age group that Obama is hoping will foot the bill for the rest of America.

In other bad news for Obamacare, 62 percent said they were “not too familiar” or “not at all familiar” with the Obamacare exchanges being set up by the federal and state governments.

Such unfamiliarity grew among those currently uninsured today. Among the uninsured 72 percent said that are not familiar with the exchanges Obama is setting up.

Gallup also found that knowledge of all aspects of Obamacare was quite low for those in the youth demographic.

Gallup surveyed 5,099 adults, aged 18 and older, living in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. The survey was conducted from September 17-26.


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  1. How does Obamacare affect me? I am not currently insured and I am not employed, thus I don’t pay taxes. Can they fine me for not having insurance or will I get free health insurance because I can’t afford to buy any. Can anyone enlighten me?


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