Watch: Student Juggles To Prove Sobriety To Police


University of Central Arkansas student Blayk Puckett was pulled over by police late Friday night and proved his sobriety to officers by juggling. Puckett was on his way home from the library and was driving slower than usual because he had a break light out. Police pulled him over suspecting that his slower speeds were the result of impaired driving.


Puckett is a junior at the university who for fun performs magic tricks on social media. Ironically, his license plate is “JUGGLER”.



  1. This is how life used to be just 15 -20 years ago, before tj red Clinton era.
    Everyone here played their part correctly. The cops had reason to suspect drunk driving. The driver responded respectfully.
    Everyone left happy and safe.

  2. Ahh, nothing like “out of town”. Small town America. Police and citizens get along well. Thats how it should be.
    If this exact scenario would of taken place here in NYC, that student would be dead in a hail of gunfire by NY Finest. The cowboys that take our tax money at the NYPD are incompetent cowards. Shoot first, ask questions later. If all else fails, just claim the individual was mentally / emotionally unstable and then according to NYPD protocol, the rule is HE MUST BE EXECUTED on the street like a worthless dog! Just ask Gideon Bush z”l.

  3. “Ironically, his license plate is JUGGLER” ummm, no, that’s not irony. Irony would be, if he went to the dmv and they gave him the plates randomly. If he’s a juggler, and his plates say “JUGGLER”, it’s intentional. Calling this ironic would be like saying “it’s ironic that the name of this site is matzav, because the Hebrew word for situation is matzav and an alternative way for asking “what’s news” is “what’s the situation and your site is called “matzav” that is so ironic!!!!



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