Watch: The “Cell Phone In Shuls” Epidemic


Sadly, these days it’s all too common for people to read their texts and emails during davening. They do it during chazaras hashatz, krias haTorah, and other parts of davening.

In this segment you will learn:



  1. great point with real words of truth

    may we all take his words & start treating a shul with respect & no cell phones or talking etc… when we are in front of the king of kings…. HASHEM

  2. Very nice chop, “Frum” & balanced, as a take-off of FOX news “fair” & balanced. Aha, I get it. Who is this phantom host? Does he have a name? Is he a real person? What town/State/Country is he broadcasting from? Are we allowed to know this? Will this information effect our/his children’s shidduchim (last week’s drasha)? He does look like a kiruv type of guy. A lot of high energy. (I could use some of that). Overall geshmakeh guy. Would be great in an out-of-town atmosphere. We would appreciate these basic formalities answered.
    Rabbi Eliezer Ginsburg Shlita, Morah Diasrah of Agudas Yisroel Zichron Shmuel (Flatbush) puts ads in papers that he has those special cellphone lockers that are available to any Shul that calls him. There are even sponsorships available. They look beautiful and enhance the Shul lobby. We have a beautiful piece from him in our Shul. The ad has a phone # of 718-645-4698.

  3. 1. Rabbi Ginsberg’s cell phone lockers ran out long ago. I called a year ago to get one for my shul and was told that the original free batch was all gone and now it must be paid for.
    2. The boxes do not come with chargers. Someone in Lakewood added that feature to the boxes that they got from NY.


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