Trump’s Defense Secretary Nominee: Tel Aviv is Israel’s Capital


President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee to head the Defense Department, General (ret.) James Mattis, told a congressional confirmation committee today that he believes that Tel Aviv, not Yerushalayim, should be considered the capital of Israel.




    Please go check your knowledge of history.
    Jerusalem is and has always been the Heart and center of not only Israel…BUT THE HEART OF THE WORLD.
    Tel Aviv is like San francisco of the world, the center of (can we find a nice enough word to describe it?
    Go study History and keep dreaming….

    • As you mention “San Francisco,” I should point out that, very, very unfortunately, there is no more “San Francisco”!! Instead, something like “Sham – Fraud – Sicko” or Sham – Scam – Sicko” or “Sham – [a bad slag word that means ‘Toeiva’] – Sicko” would be a more appropriate title.

  2. If you would would actually listen to the whole exchange you would see that he answered that since when ever he has dealings with the Israeli military he goes to Tel Aviv where the HQ is so, for him in that capacity Tel Aviv is the capital
    I my opinion if the Israeli military HQ would be in Yerushalyim he would have answered Yerushalyim


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