Watch: Tragic Scene on Boro Park Street As Passersby Ignore Incapacitated Man


It may be highly disturbing to some to watch in horror as this man lays on the ground for five minutes as no one walks over to see if the man is even alive. But in the hopes of preventing this from ever happening again – it will have been well worth watching it and further publicizing it.

In the video (taken from a security camera), a man is seen walking when he suddenly keels over and suffers a cardiac arrest. People pass by and look – but shockingly keep walking. One woman sees him lying on the floor, stops to look, and then crosses the street as to not walk past him.

Finally, someone calls Hatzolah who arrived seconds after being called. It took FIVE MINUTES after the man collapsed and stopped breathing to start CPR and Paramedics to start Advanced Life Support.

It could have taken 27 seconds – which is when the first pedestrian stops to look at the man.

What is nothing less then a miracle, this individual – an Einikle of a well-known Rebbe – survived – and has since been released from the hospital.

The video was released by Moment Magazine as an awareness project, calling on people to call for help if they encounter something like this, and not to just walk away.

For readers who are unaware of what happens when someone stops breathing, here are some quick facts:

The brain requires a constant flow of oxygen to function normally.

The heart pumps oxygenated blood throughout the body. Two pairs of large arteries branch throughout the brain. They bring a continuous flow of oxygen and glucose.

The brains have an emergency energy supply for about three minutes. In a cardiac arrest, the brains run out of their emergency power supply of oxygen quickly. If resuscitation isn’t started right away, it will cause damage everywhere and permanent memory problems – if they even survive.

If someone has had a lack of oxygen, there is not one particular place in the brains, but everywhere where normally blood flows. This is called diffuse brain damage = damage anywhere in the brain.

A lack of oxygen from three to nine minutes can result in irreversible brain damage! In case of a cardiac arrest, CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) must be started immediately.


  1. scary ; but a careful analysis is it seems that hatzoloh was called at about 2;20 seconds the first girl didnt leave also trying to figure out what street and time of day ? not arguing w the camera but yiddin generally are all over in 1 minute or less- there does seem to be a general lack of confidence to approach pateint or take charge

  2. sorry to say but this looks like a STAGED video as an ad for Moment magazine. I don’t believe that so many Boro Parkers would not help another Yid

  3. The video showed three girls walk by but you can’t know if the guy is a drunk sleeping on the street. Women will not get involved as a man would because you don’t really know who they are

  4. I Agree with Lipa99. The person on the ground was definitely part of the act. The reason everyone went away was probably because he told them to go. I understand the importance of אויב איר זעהט עפעס טוט עפעס, but to make Ehrliche Boro Parkers look insensitive, is not a way to go about it.

  5. I’m a certified CPR instructor, this is sad! My company name is Save a Life and I mean it. Imagine if one of them knew CPR they could’ve been the one to save a life. LEARN CPR SAVE A LIFE!

    • Calm down. The guy who allegedly fell down in this staged video, didn’t die. He miraculously felt better later the same day. We weren’t all born yesterday. This was a cheap stunt to try to defame the Frum community. Non of these facts have been corroborated. We have seen these libels in the past. Nothing new under the sun. Just try this stunt in a Muslim neighborhood and see how fast the Thought Police have you arrested. Idiot.

  6. I once called Hatzolah for a man passed out and laying in his own vomit on a bench on Ocean Parkway. Honestly to me and everyone else he looked like he was passed out drunk, we weren’t even sure whether to call or just let him sleep it off. I called. Better safe than sorry. Turns out the man was perfectly sober but in cardiac arrest. I don’t know if he survived but I learnt an important lesson about jumping to conclusions.

  7. I’m not sure if this is a staged video or not. It is worthwhile to spread the message either way.

    A problem is that people are used to drunks sleeping on the floor therefore when seeing someone like that, a person might not realize what is going on.

    I remember riding on trains and some drunk would fall over like that. Not one person paid attention. Because people assume a drunk falling over is a part of his being drunk. Not a heart attack. But if you are in Boro Park and you see something say something!

  8. So, these 2 comments of lipa99 and agree with lipa are 100 percent an attack against the moment magazine for what ever aggenda you guys have or if its the same person… thats a trillion percent definite!!!! and the reason i say so is becus number 1- the moment put this out as an awareness and clearly write in the video that for ever reason which no one knows no one called for help so therefor they are putting out to raise an awareness 2- you clearly see in the video the second girl that passes how she notices the person on the floor she inches away looks back and keeps on walking and interestingly enough shes on a cellphone could be theres reasons why she didnt call for help but shudnt we get a wake up call???? could be the guy looked drunk or who knows wat else but in case and in any circumstances you need to call hatzola so dont you think after such a video this will FOR SURE NOT HAPPEN again ??? i personally work with security cameras and this is from a security camera i can even tell you from which make and model this clip was recorded so all i can say is thanks to moment magazine and most people dont mind that in the same time your getting attention for this its only those with an agenda like these 2 guys who replied so cold blooded


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