Watch: Hikind Asks Governor Cuomo: “Are You Listening to Us About Ocean Parkway?”


Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind published a video today asking Governor Cuomo if he was listening to his constituents about Ocean Parkway.

On the video, sent by the assemblyman to, Hikind pleads with the governor to put an end to the Ocean Parkway insanity, while encouraging those who oppose the traffic changes to continue making phone calls to the governor’s office at 212.681.4580.




  1. For crying out loud are we living in a dictatorship? For the last two weeks Mr. Hikind and other politicians are pleading with the DOT not to do these insane changes. Are these DOT people so egotistic that they can’t step back from this sick idea. Why can’t a law be passed that any change the DOT wants to make must be approved by the local community board. In addition any changes that are made must be assessed for up to a year to see if the change made more problems then it solved.


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