23 Police Hurt, 300 Settlers Removed In Violent Evacuation Of Amona Outpost


Multiple police officers and Israeli civilians were wounded Thursday morning as altercations broke out between law enforcement and Israelis who had attempted to return to the unregistered outpost of Amona in Samaria.

Some 23 police officers and four Jewish residents were injured.

According to reports, the civilians had barricaded themselves in two caravans situated at the former outpost, and were extracted against their will by police.

Amona was forcibly evacuated less than two years ago after the courts found in favor of Palestinian plaintiffs who claimed the land on which the community was built belonged to them. However, after a series of terror attacks in the area which took the lives of two soldiers and a premature baby, several dozen young activists returned to Amona, bringing caravans.

Police reported that the citizens were throwing rocks and objects at law enforcement personnel, as well as burning tires. Seven people were arrested.

Some five Border policemen and one civilian were taken to hospital for additional treatment.

The hilltop was ultimately evacuated, and police set to work removing the caravans.

The citizens argued that the caravans were situated on plots of land which former Amona residents purchased outright from Palestinians, with the support of private donors, and that they had been erected during a ceremony attended by members of the government, including MK Bezalel Smotrich and Shomron Regional Council head Yossi Dagan.

At the time, activists petitioned the High Court of Justice for a temporary order to be allowed to stay at Amona, but were rejected by the court, which told them they had 48 hours to evacuate. The deadline expired on Wednesday night.




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