22,993 Israeli Fallen Soldiers and Terrorism Victims


idf-soldierToday is Israel’s Official Remembrance Day for fallen soldiers and victims of terrorism.

The total number of fallen security personnel from 1860 to 2012 stands at 22,993.

In the past year (since Remembrance Day 2011), 126 soldiers and security personnel fell while serving the state.

Today in Israel there are 10,524 bereaved families of security personnel, 2,396 orphans, and 4,992 widows of the IDF and the defense establishment.

Today, at 20:00, a one minute siren will be heard across the  country, marking the beginning of Israel’s Remembrance Day for Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terrorism.

Immediately after the siren, the memorial services will begin.

On Wednesday, 25.4.12, at 11:00, a two minute siren will be heard.  Immediately after the siren, the day’s official memorial ceremonies will  commence across the country.

The Bereaved Families and Commemoration Department of the Ministry of  Defense estimates that over one million Israelis will be paying their  respects at the military ceremonies across the countries.

The department’s responsibilities and operations are spread across 44  military cemeteries and burial plots, from Kiryat Shmona to Eilat. Day-to-day operations include refurbishment, maintenance, cleaning,  gardening, polishing and replacing gravestones where necessary.

Ceremonies and events for Remembrance Day:

Tuesday, 24.4.12

16:30 Opening Ceremony, attended by the Prime Minister, Speaker of the
Knesset, and Israel’s chief rabbis at Yad Labanim in Jerusalem

20:00 Candle-lighting ceremony at the Western Wall, attended by the
President and the IDF Chief of Staff

20:30 ‘Singing in Remembrance’ event at the Knesset, attended by the
Minister of Defense, Speaker of the Knesset, the Welfare and Social Services
Minister, and the IDF Deputy Chief of Staff

Wednesday, 25.4.12

11:00 Official memorial ceremony on Mt. Herzl for Israel’s fallen,
attended by the President, the Prime Minister, and the IDF Chief of Staff

11:00 Memorial ceremony for Israel’s fallen at the military cemetery
in Kiryat Shaul, attended by the Minister of Defense

13:00 Official memorial ceremony for victims of terror, attended by
the President, the Prime Minister, and Welfare and Social Services Minister,
and the IDF Chief of Staff

20:00 Torch lighting ceremony and transfer of the main flags at Mt.
Herzl, attended by the President, the Prime Minister and the Speaker of the

{Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. What is significant about the year 1860? Why do the numbers start then?

    Because that is the date that “mass immigration” to what is now the State of Israel began.

    I am not trying to be contentious, but you might perhaps care to look up “Aliyah” in a certain on line encyclopedia whose name begins with “W”!


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