21% of US Jews Actively Religious


Dividing the American public into seven groups ranging from those who “actively practice their faith” and “are deeply involved in their religious congregations” to the “Solidly Secular,” a Pew study among 4,700 respondents found that that most Americans were more or less spread equally over all seven categories.

Jewish Americans were the only group with substantial contingents at each end of the typology with 21% Jews who are shomer Shabbos and 28% Solidly Secular.

The study only included Jews who define their religion as Judaism. Sadly, many do not.



  1. Dark eye dark long long war. The full worth of Israel.

    A full look the full family the full generations. All to tomorrow.

    21% assumed kosher. Its not enough. 28% told full secular? Think hard future.

    Will it not be stronger? No jewish futures without full Torah observance. Any margin to change the full observance will not have Torah power. Hashem will NOT help.

    It is easy to hope strong. Take every verse in Tanakh and read it over and over through years. Hashem follows every eye.

    There is an action. It comes from kabbalah. We gain strength in our Torah. The soul is biased to improve to good state of mind. A torah family and a Torah dream.

    Wait as Hashem shows.


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