2020 Presidential Candidates Who Could Take On Trump


POLITICO reports:

Who is running for president? Potential 2020 presidential candidates have been lining up to take on Donald Trump and the GOP, creating one of the most crowded fields in memory. It’s a group packed with traditional politicians, firebrand Trump foes and celebrities who have never held elected office

.We’ve categorized the possible Democratic presidential candidates into six groups: The Senators list carries Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders. The House Members include Tulsi Gabbard, Joe Kennedy and Beto O’Rourke. The Governors list is anchored by Andrew Cuomo, Deval Patrick. The Obama Alums include Joe Biden, Eric Holder and others as potential 2020 presidential candidates. Finally, The Outsiders like Michael Avenatti and Oprah could reshape the road to 2020.

The Senators

Cory Booker
Resume: U.S. Senator (New Jersey); Mayor of Newark
Age: 49
What he’s known for: He kicked off the opposition to Brett Kavanaugh with his “I am Spartacus” moment that drew the ire of Republican colleagues.

Kirsten Gillibrand
Resume: U.S. Senator (New York); U.S. Representative
Age: 51
What she’s known for: Her determined approach to assault and misconduct led her to say Bill Clinton should have resigned during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Then she led the call among Senate Democrats for Al Franken to resign. Both stances triggered ire among some party donors and activists.

Amy Klobuchar
Resume: U.S Senator (Minnesota); Hennepin County Attorney
Age: 58
What she’s known for: She’s the cautious centrist in a caucus full of characters.

Kamala Harris
Age: 54
Resume: U.S. Senator (California); Attorney General of California; San Francisco District Attorney
What she’s known for: She’s used her perch on top committees to grill Trump administration officials and Kavanaugh.

Bernie Sanders
Resume: U.S. Senator (Vermont); 2016 Democratic presidential candidate; U.S. Representative; Mayor of Burlington
Age: 77
What he’s known for: He’s defied all predictions by going from an unknown senator to a progressive icon. His signature issues have become the lingua francaof liberals on this list.

Elizabeth Warren
Resume: U.S. Senator (Massachusetts); Chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel for the Troubled Asset Relief Program; Harvard Law school professor
Age: 69
What she’s known for: She was an academic who helped write the book on how to rein in Wall Street, only to have her dream job (running the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) blocked by Republicans. As senator she’s animated the Democratic base with a populist economic message.

The House Members

Joe Kennedy
Resume: U.S. Representative (Massachusetts); Assistant District Attorney, Middlesex County and Cape and Island
Age: 38
What he’s known for: He provided the 2018 Democratic English-language response to the State of the Union. References to his famous family are never far away.

Beto O’Rourke
Resume: U.S. Representative (Texas); El Paso City Councilor
Age: 46
What he’s known for: A backbench, moderate congressman who transformed into a liberal hero in his failed quest to unseat Ted Cruz.

The Governors

Andrew Cuomo
Resume: Governor (New York); Attorney General; Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Age: 60
What he’s known for: He’s Andrew Cuomo. He doesn’t show up to his own victory party, because when you’re a three-term governor and son of a political institution you don’t need to.

John Hickenlooper
Resume: Governor (Colorado); Mayor of Denver; Brewer
Age: 66
What he’s known for: He’s a centrist, business-oriented governor who led the way on gun control.

Terry McAuliffe
Resume: Governor (Virginia); Democratic National Committee chairman. He also served as co-chairman of Bill Clinton’s 1996 reelection campaign and chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 run.
Age: 61
What he’s known for: He’s the ultimate Clinton insider who transitioned to being a job-growth governor.

The Mayors

Michael Bloomberg
Resume: Returned to Bloomberg and expanded his focus on philanthropy; Mayor of New York City; CEO and founder of Bloomberg L.P.
Age: 76
What he’s known for: He’s a fiscally conservative, socially liberal mayor who has seesawed between parties. His ability to write large checks is far more consistent.

Eric Garcetti
Resume: Mayor of Los Angeles; President of the Los Angeles City Council; Navy Reserve, Lieutenant; Los Angeles City Councilor
Age: 47
What he’s known for: He’s focused on liberal priorities in a major city on the left coast.

The Obama Alums

Joe Biden
Resume: Vice President of the United States; U.S. Senator (Delaware); New Castle County Council member. He also ran for president in 2008 and 1988.
Age: 75
What he’s known for: Everyone knows Joe Biden.

Eric Holder
Resume: U.S. Attorney General; U.S. Deputy Attorney General; U.S. Attorney for Washington, D.C.; Associate Judge of the Superior Court of D.C.
Age: 67
What he’s known for: He changed the course of the Justice Department after the Bush years with a focus on civil rights and policing. His policies and his friendship with Obama led him to become a Republican boogeyman.

John Kerry
Resume: U.S. Secretary of State; U.S. Senator (Massachusetts); 2004 Democratic presidential nominee; Lieutenant Governor; Assistant District Attorney; U.S. Navy, Lieutenant (Ret.)
Age: 74
What he’s known for: He survived the 2004 election and later found a new life as Obama’s chief diplomat.

The Outsiders

Michael Avenatti:
Age: 47
Resume: Attorney; Entrepreneur
What he’s known for: As Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti began with a case that looked like a tabloid tale and ended up bringing down the president’s longtime personal attorney and introducing the possibility of campaign finance violations. Since then, he’s tussled with the administration over separating migrant families at the border and injected himself, controversially, into the Kavanaugh confirmation process.

Mark Cuban
Age: 60
Resume: Reality TV star; NBA owner; Businessman and investor
What he’s known for: He knows how to play Trump — with an NBA team.

Howard Schultz
Age: 65
Resume: CEO of Starbucks
What he’s known for: He’ll talk to the nation over a cup of coffee.



  1. If G-d forbid Eric Holder ever becomes President, there will be race riots on the streets of America. Lawlessness will rule the day. The police will be completely handcuffed, except when arresting whites. The Thought Police will reign supreme. US cities will burn. Eric is 100 times worse than Obama.


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