20,000 Shekels Lost And Found


Quick action of Israeli Rail officials prevented Rav Meir Rafael Chai Biton of Nahariya from losing 20,000 shekels.

“I take a train every day from my Nahariya home to Haifa, where I supervise the kashrus system,” he said. “Yesterday, I stopped en route at Kiryat Chaim in Kiryot to check the kashrus of some businesses there. A moment before leaving the train, I received an urgent phone call which distracted me. I forgot to take my briefcase with 20,000 shekels. Only a few minutes later did I realize that I had forgotten the briefcase and money on the train.”

Biton immediately told Kiryot station master Michael Padida what happened, and within moments, Padida contacted an inspector on the Haifa train who located the briefcase.

“Within twenty minutes the briefcase was back in my hands,” Biton said.

{Matzav.com israel News}


  1. mi ke-amcha yisroel! it doesn’t matter what level of frumkeit one observes. this midah crosses all lines of the jewish people. sure, there are exceptions, as there is in everything. but, in general, jewish DNA is something special and there is no nation in the world that can even come close. we have a lot to be proud of!


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