20 People Dead In Limo Crash Involving Wedding Party


At least 20 people were killed when a wedding-limo crash spilled over into a busy restaurant parking lot in upstate New York, officials and reports said.

At least two vehicles, including the limo carrying a wedding party, collided at an intersection in Schoharie ― about 35 miles west of Albany ― around 1:55 p.m. Saturday, according to New York State Police.

At least one of the vehicles then careened into the parking lot of the Apple Barrel cafe, a popular spot for tourists taking in upstate’s fall foliage, according to the Albany Times Union.

State police confirmed the deaths of 20 people at the scene, though it was unclear how many of the victims were in the vehicles and how many may have been on foot.

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  1. My thoughts and prayers with all the families involved.
    What exactly happened? Was there speeding involved? Were seat belts being used? Did someone run a light? Was one of the drivers texting or talking on their cellphones? Car accidents don’t just happen by themselves.

    • No, you’re incorrect. There are always lessons to be learned. That’s one of the things one should do when hearing such tragedies. Could it of been avoided? What can I do as a driver to prevent such a thing from happening? If I’m a passenger, should I speak up if I see the driver doing something irresponsible, etc… Now of course I can bury my head in the sand and ignore all safety rules. Those are just for wimps and losers. If you want to be considered cool you’ve got to drive like a maniac. Okay, good luck.

  2. Some people seriously need more details. The DA or perhaps even the FBI may be getting their information on this from Matzav and they must now. Perhaps Matzav is on the case as we read this getting the answers to all these crucial questions.

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